2017 Plant Sale!

Rosso Sicilian

We’re doing plant starts again this year – peppers,  tomatoes and herbs. They are $3.50 each or 3 for $10.

We will be selling them again at the farm and at Moschetti’s (please see our Facebook page for more information).

For the past three years we’ve attended a tomato tasting and then held our own tomato tasting event. Our primary focus was finding tomatoes that were not only productive but also had exceptional flavor. Some of the varieties we grew last year didn’t make the cut but we found many more to take their place.

We are a CDFA licensed nursery.



Cherry Tomatoes

black-cherryBlack Cherry*SOLD OUT* Rich, sweet and complex, this true black tomato is productive and irresistible.
green-grapeGreen Grape*SOLD OUT* Small, compact plants with easy to harvest fruit that full of sweet, juicy flavor. Prolific producer.
isis candyIsis CandyOrange cherry tomato with red starburst. Very productive of small sweet, fruity tomatoes that you can just pop in your mouth. In our opinion it has better flavor that Sungolds.
snow-white-cherrySnow White*SOLD OUT* Sweet ivory colored cherries that are hard to resist just popping into your mouth while picking them.
WPeachWapsipinicon PeachA small yellow tomato with an unusually fuzzy skin. Productive plant of very, very sweet, mild fruit with a hint of peach. Husband says “sweetest tomato I’ve ever eaten.”

Paste Tomatoes

amish-pasteAmish PasteOf the many paste tomatoes we tasted, this one was far and away, the best tasting. I look forward to trying the concentrated flavor of these when canning. Nice sized red Roma type tomatoes that are good for both canning and fresh eating (something you can’t say about most paste tomatoes).
Rosso SicilianRosso SicilianThis is an Italian heirloom with small to medium sized ribbed fruits that are firm and meaty and perfect for making sauce and paste. Bruises easily. Rated as one of the better tasting tomatoes we grew last year.
san-marzanoSan MarzanoOne of the more popular paste and canning tomatoes, we decided to finally offer it again after so many people requested it.

Slicing Tomatoes

black-krimBlack Krim*SOLD OUT* One of our most popular varieties. A purple-black beefsteak with a hearty, rich flavor. Fruits get darker when exposed to sunlight. Productive.
green zebraGreen Zebra*SOLD OUT* Small 2-1/2″-3″ salad tomato that is green with darker green stripes. Fruit is sweet and “zingy.” Very productive plant if you can find all the fruit! The light green will have a yellow hue when ripe. Makes a really good green pesto bruschetta. Good for pots.
Minolta DSC JubileeProductive tomato with golden large, round fruit. Delicious flavored tomato that gets 8-12 oz.
mr-stripeyMr. Stripey (Tigerella)For whatever reason, many striped tomatoes tend not to have as much flavor as their solid colored compadres. I surmise that it is due to the coloring of the striped tomato being the primary focus, rather than the flavor. Mr. Stripey, fortunately, is not one of them. These are smaller salad size tomatoes with a rich, tangy flavor.
rose-de-berneRose De BerneA Swiss heirloom with dark pink fruit that tends to be blemish-free. Flavor is strikingly sweet with a bit of zing.
siouxSioux*TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT* We grew this small rather unassuming red tomato two years ago only because we got a packet of free seeds. At our tomato tasting we were surprised that it outperformed all of the other tomatoes and was hands down the favorite out of 16 varieties. Sweet, tangy, rich and complex, you won’t regret making space for this variety.
stupice-homeStupiceOne of our more popular varieties. This very early tomato blew me away this year with it’s productiveness. Small tomatoes, but not quite cherry size are born as early as late June and continues through until the frost. Sweet and flavorful. Good for pots.
thessalonikiThessaloniki*SOLD OUT* A red Greek tomato that resists cracking and sun scald. Fantastic old fashioned acid tomato flavor. I have farmer friends that say they only will start selling the fruit from this variety after they physically can no longer eat them.
valenciaValenciaMeaty, fruit is both tangy and sweet. Ripens earlier than most orange tomatoes.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

tomato-amana-orange-1_1Amana OrangeGiant beefsteak tomatoes that can reach 2lbs or more. This is the orange version of Brandywine and is flavorful and meaty with low acid.
ananas-noirAnanas NoirIf you can’t make up your mind about what color tomatoes to grow, this might be the one for you. Green, red, orange, yellow and purple all rolled into one tasty beefsteak-type tomato. Rumor has it each color has a distinct flavor.
tomato-anna-russianAnna RussianOne of two oxheart type tomatoes that we are offering this year. Getting up to a pound these tomatoes start early and have sweet, juicy flesh.
aunt-rubysAunt Ruby's German GreenA popular green heirloom tomato that have a sweet, fruity flavor and are said to be better tasting than most red tomatoes. How could we not give this one a try?
brandywine_sudduth_s_strain_0Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain) The beefsteak that all beefsteak tomatoes should be judged by. Big, red fruits commonly over a pound but can reach two pounds are rich and intense.
dr-wychesDr. Wyche's YellowBig, beautiful yellow beefsteak with green shoulders. Productive plant of 1lb fruits or larger. Rich tomato flavor with a meaty interior.
hendersons winsallHenderson's WinsallThe original Winsall variety obtained from the USDA Seed Bank. A pink beefsteak heirloom that is nearly seedless. It is a late variety but the superb flavor is worth the wait.
HillbillyHillbilly Big yellow orange beefsteak with red streaks. Husband describes it as “rich, meaty, tomato-y goodness.” The favorite tomato around here. Few seeds and very fleshy.
kellogg's breakfastKellogg's BreakfastBig orange beefsteak tomato. Similar in flavor to Dr. Wyche’s Yellow but with a bit more sweetness.
orange-russianOrange RussianThe first available colored oxheart type tomato. They have a fruity, sweet flavor growing to about half a pound. They have few seeds.
pork-chop-tomatoPork ChopYellow with green stripes that darken to golden when ripe, fruits are between 1/2 and 3/4 lbs. Low acid with a nice sweetness. Bred locally by Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms. One of the better tasting striped varieties.
5491SoldackiVery tasty variety with 1lb dark pink fruit. Intense flavor yet sweet on vigorous, tall plants.

Disease Resistant Tomatoes

carmelloCarmello VFNT HybridThis red French variety is thought to be one of the most productive varieties available, this tomatoes pumps out juicy fruits that have exceptional balanced flavor. Shows disease resistance to Verticillium wilt, Fusarium Wilt 1, Gray Leaf Spot, Nematodes, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Good for pots.
Charger tomato Charger*SOLD OUT* A determinate tomato well adapted to different weather conditions. Flavorful and prolific, this compact plant will do well in containers. Shows disease resistance to 3 types of Fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt, Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus and Gray Leaf Spot.
red-roseRed RoseA cross between Brandywine and Rutgers, this is a disease and crack resistant tomato with dark pink fruit. Flavor and texture is similar to Brandywine.
rutgers-tomatoRutgersLast year a customer couldn't praise this variety enough and he convinced us to carry it this year. It's an old fashioned classic tomato with the flavor to match that is production and disease resistant.

We also have the following Herbs:

Greek Oregano



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  1. Bought my first tomatoes from you Saturday. Can’t wait to watch them grow. I want to thank you for your helpful hints in planting them. I’ll be back next Saturday to purchase the Isis Candy and what ever catches my fancy. You also recommended to go to Mid City Nursery to get the dirt but I don’t remember the type or brand. Thank you again, Debra Flork

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