2018 Plant Sale!

Rosso Sicilian

We’re doing plant starts again this year. Please see below for the varieties we’re doing this year. Please note that not every variety will be available every weekend.

We will be selling them again at the farm and at Moschetti’s (please see our Facebook page for more information).

For the past three years we’ve attended a tomato tasting and then held our own tomato tasting event. Our primary focus was finding tomatoes that were not only productive but also had exceptional flavor. Some of the varieties we grew last year didn’t make the cut but we found many more to take their place.

We are a CDFA inspected & licensed nursery.

* denotes varieties available on March 24th, 2018


Anasazi*Very hard to find heirloom dry bean. Grown by the First Nations peoples in the 4 corners area. Reportedly found in the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi in the early 1900s. Great as baked beans or in Mexican dishes. Half runner habit. Drought tolerant.
Calypso*AKA Ying Yang. Striking black and white pattern on these beans. Great for soups. Bush habit.
EmpressAbsolutely delicious string-less heirloom green bean. Bush habit.
Gold of Bacau*A romano-type bean that stays tender even when big. Wonderfully sweet and tender. Pole habit
Purple Podded Pole*We grow this every year. So delicious and easy to pick one handed. Bonus is that the purple color makes them easy to find in the vines. Pole habit.
Rattle Snake*A drought tolerant snap bean that can also be used as a dry bean. Pole habit.
Rio Zape*Beautiful purple dry bean that has hints of coffee and chocolate and a velvety texture. Immature pods can also be eaten as green beans. Half runner habit.
Scarlet Runner*A perennial bean in our area, this doubles as an ornamental and a food source. Large beans are good for snap, shell or dry beans. Beautiful scarlet red flowers.


Bear Paw*An odd looking corn variety with it's split, flattened end resembling a bear paw. Popular in the 1940's as movie theater popcorn. It is our favorite popping variety with very few old maids.
Glass Gem*The corn variety that took the internet by storm several years ago with it's beautiful colored glass like kernels. It really is this colorful in person. Can be used just for decoration or for popcorn.
Silver Queen* The most popular white sweet corn in the U.S. Fantastic flavor and sweetness on 8" ears full of plump kernels. Does well in our area.
Supersweet Jubilee Considered one of the best tasting supersweet sh2 corn varieties available. Plants are 8' tall with 8-9" long ears. Stays sweet off the stalk.

No longer offered due to seed failure.



Armenian*Technically a melon but taste like a cucumber. Will not get bitter like regular cucumbers and are easily digested but you can still pickle these. Mild and sweet fruit on a highly productive vine.
Double Yield*This is our favorite pickling cucumber. Loads of uniform cukes that are the perfect shape and size for pickling. You pick one and 2 more take its place.
Summer Dance F1A Japanese burpless variety, fruit can get up to 9" long. Fruit is crisp and clean on productive plants that are heat tolerant.
True LemonA favorite variety among gardeners these round little cucumbers are the size and color of a lemon and have a slight lemony flavor. Plants are productive and the fruit is easily digested.

Melons & Watermelons

Bidwell CasabaOne our favorites to grow around here. Plants are very productive and produce many large fruits weight between 10 and 15 lbs. Flesh is orange and very sweet and smooth. When ripe they smell incredible and the stem readily slips from the fruit making harvest a breeze.
Boule d'Or*A honeydew type melon with a hard rind that allows it to be stored for several weeks if kept cool and dry. Flesh is smooth and sweet.
Delice de la Table*A true cantaloupe (most melons sold under this moniker are actually muskmelons) this 1-2 lb melon will fill your garden with its heavenly scent when fully ripe. Very difficult to find here in the US but more common in France where the name means "Delight of the Table."
Stars Cherokee)*
An oblong version of the better known heirloom Moon & Stars. Rind is dark green with speckles and splatters in yellow that are reminiscent of the moon and stars. Bright red, very sweet flesh.
OrangegloThis is our favorite watermelon. We have tried many varieties but always come back to this one because it does so well. Large striped fruits that are a lovely sherbet orange on the inside. Deliciously sweet and productive.
Sugar Cube Cantaloupe*Technically a musk melon, these 2 lb fruits are huge on taste. They store well and have an incredible 14% sugar content. Deep orange flesh wrapped in a heavily netted skin. Proven to show exceptional disease resistance to Fusarium Wilt and Powdery Mildew.
Sugar Pot Watermelon*The first space saving, pot friendly watermelon available! Classic red watermelon flavor on 8-10 lb size fruits.

Summer Squash

Benning's Green Tint
Delicious patty pan type squash that is both tender but firm. Best eaten when 2-3" in diameter.
Cube of ButterBright yellow squash that have a white interior are creamy and tender. Heavy yields.
Emerald Delight ZucchiniOpen bush habit allows for finding these zucchini easier so you don't end up with behemoths.
Patio StarBred specifically for growing in pots, this zucchini plant stays small while still producing full size fruit.
TromboncinoNot your typical zucchini, this Italian heirloom has all the seeds in the bulb at the end so even when large the neck stays creamy and doesn't get pithy. Grows as a vine so it can be grown vertically to save space in tight areas.

Winter Squash & Pumpkins

ButterbushA small single-serving butternut squash that's perfect for small space gardens and pots! Flesh is a dark copper red and are sweet and rich.
Delicata*Incredibly popular heirloom squash, these don't get much larger than 8-9" long by 4" wide. Delicious, creamy orange flesh make for a good meal for two.
Galeaux d'Eysines*Pink pumpkins with these "peanut" bumps covering them. Makes for lovely table centerpieces but also can be used in soups. If left on the fine the peanuts will eventually cover the entire fruit.
HoneynutLittle baby butternut type squashes that are a single serving. Very sweet and prolific producers.
Howden*Your standard jack-o-lantern pumpkin. Usually get 15-20 lbs but have been able to get them past 75lbs if they have enough food.
Marina de ChioggiaHands down, our favorite eating squash. Flesh is dry, very sweet and creamy - not stringy at all. Flavor improves with storage.
Musquee de Provence*Also known as a Fairytale Pumpkin, these deeply ribbed winter squash get up to 20lbs. Very long shelf life and delicious to eat or just use for decoration.
Winter LuxuryA beautiful, lightly netted pumpkin that gets 5-6 lbs - the perfect size for pies. Deliciously sweet and the flesh isn't stringy. Great in pies or just by itself with a little butter. Productive.


5701042400_6b4323bf2e_nCasper*I adore this eggplant. It’s a long Japanese style eggplant with white skin and very creamy white flesh. If you aren’t a huge fan of eggplant (like myself), this is definitely one to try. It may just make you a convert.
Black Beauty*A good, productive Italian style eggplant. Very good sliced, marinated and grilled or for eggplant Parmesan.


Hot Peppers

anaheim peppers copyAnaheim* (Nu Mex Joe E. Parker)These are the perfect roasting peppers. The thick skin easily blisters and can be peeled away after roasting. They are mild to medium heat. Not quite as productive as the smaller hot peppers, but they do give a good harvest when picked continuously.
Bhut JolokiaOne of the hottest peppers in the world, also known as the Ghost Pepper, has 1,000,000 Scoville units!
Biscayne*A Cubanelle pepper which are famous for frying. This variety is sweeter than other Cubanelle peppers and is more productive with thicker walls. Best when used before they reach ripeness and are still light green.
Emerald Fire XR3 Hybrid*A medium-hot pepper that is perfect for most tastes. Less hot than a jalapeno these large peppers are great for roasting, canning, and stuffing.
Garden Salsa*A medium-hot pepper that is perfect for most Americans. Less hot than a jalapeno but hotter than an Anaheim. Large fruits on large plants that are Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant.
habanero peppers copyHabaneroI got several emails this past year from people that were very happy with these plants. If you want your peppers to be spicy make sure to grow them next to a habanero plant. This was a trick I learned from a friend and was surprised to find out that it works! These are productive plants with EXTRA HOT peppers.
cayenne peppers copyLong Red Slim CayenneVery productive plant of HOT peppers. Walls are thin so they dry quickly. We dried the peppers (they readily dry on the plant) and then ground them into red pepper flakes. We now call them Satan Flakes because of their excessive heat.
Mucho NachoLarger and hotter than your typical jalapeno which makes them better for stuffing and grilling. Plants are vigorous and produce lots of fruits.
Poblano L*A mild pepper that when dried is called an Ancho. This is the classic pepper used for chili rellenos. Good producer of large heart shaped peppers.
serrano peppers copySerrano Tampequino Another very productive pepper with thick walls that are perfect for making hot sauce. The original variety used to make Sriracha Hot Sauce. Also very hot, but not as hot as the Cayenne Slim.
shishitoShishito*A super popular variety that has done well for us. These perfect little frying peppers similar to Padrons but with less heat. Productive
Thai_peppersThai HotExtremely hot variety from Thailand. Clusters of bright red, thin fleshed fruits stand straight up. Popular pepper used in Asian cuisine.

Sweet Peppers

California WonderCalifornia WonderThe standard green and red bell pepper for California. Good production with thick walled fruits.
Giant Marconi*ALL AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNER. One of the biggest sweet Italian peppers you can find. Good when eaten fresh in salads but excellent when fried or roasted.
pepper-390425_960_720Golden CalWonderA yellow version of the dependable California Wonder pepper. Thick-walled peppers and sweet and meaty on productive plants.
nardello-aJimmy Nardello*We got a LOT of requests to grow this pepper. It looks like it will be hot but ends up being incredibly sweet and flavorful. It’s an Italian frying pepper that is productive and has earned itself a place on Slow Food’s “Ark of Taste.”
1280px-Orange_bell-peppers_RouffignacOrange Sun*A deep orange bell that is thick-walled and very sweet.
purple beautyPurple Beauty*We grew this on a whim last year and were surprised at how well it sells. It produces a multitude of medium sized, thin walled purple fruit that are easy to find in among the foliage.
RomanianRainbowRoumanian Rainbow*An early bell that starts ivory and slowly changes to orange and then red. Peppers are very sweet on short, compact plants that are productive



Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry*Rich, sweet and complex, this true black tomato is productive and irresistible.
green-grapeGreen Grape*Small, compact plants with easy to harvest fruit that full of sweet, tart, juicy flavor. Prolific producer.
isis candyIsis Candy*Orange cherry tomato with red starburst. Very productive of small sweet, fruity tomatoes that you can just pop in your mouth. In our opinion it has better flavor that Sungolds.
Snow White SOLD OUTSweet ivory colored cherries that are hard to resist just popping into your mouth while picking them. They are the sweetest cherry tomatoes we've tried while still maintaining a complex flavor profile. Truly a favorite here.
Wapsipinicon Peach*A small yellow tomato with an unusually fuzzy skin. Productive plant of very, very sweet, mild fruit with a hint of peach. Husband says “sweetest tomato I’ve ever eaten.”

Paste Tomatoes

amish-pasteAmish Paste*Of the many paste tomatoes we tasted, this one was far and away, the best tasting. I look forward to trying the concentrated flavor of these when canning. Nice sized red Roma type tomatoes that are good for both canning and fresh eating (something you can’t say about most paste tomatoes). Fresh they are very sweet with acid right up front.
Rosso SicilianRosso Sicilian*This is an Italian heirloom with small to medium sized ribbed fruits that are firm and meaty and perfect for making sauce and paste. Bruises easily. Rated as one of the better tasting tomatoes we grew last year.

Slicing Tomatoes

Black Krim*One of our most popular varieties. A purple-black beefsteak with a subacid, mild flavor. Fruits get darker when exposed to sunlight. Productive.
green zebraGreen Zebra*Small 2-1/2″-3″ salad tomato that is green with darker green stripes. Fruit is sweet and “zingy.” Very productive plant if you can find all the fruit! The light green will have a yellow hue when ripe. Makes a really good green pesto bruschetta. Good for pots.
Minolta DSC Jubilee*Productive tomato with golden large, round fruit. Delicious flavored tomato that gets 8-12 oz.
mr-stripeyMr. Stripey (Tigerella)*For whatever reason, many striped tomatoes tend not to have as much flavor as their solid colored compadres. I surmise that it is due to the coloring of the striped tomato being the primary focus, rather than the flavor. Mr. Stripey, fortunately, is not one of them. These are smaller salad size tomatoes with a sweet and tart flavor.
Sioux*We grew this small rather unassuming red tomato two years ago only because we got a packet of free seeds. At our tomato tasting we were surprised that it outperformed all of the other tomatoes and was hands down the favorite out of 16 varieties. Sweet, tangy, rich and complex, you won’t regret making space for this variety.
stupice-homeStupice*One of our more popular varieties. This very early tomato blew me away this year with it’s productiveness. Small tomatoes, but not quite cherry size are born as early as late June and continues through until the frost. Sweet and flavorful. Good for pots.
thessalonikiThessaloniki*A red Greek tomato that resists cracking and sun scald. Fantastic old fashioned but sweet, subacid tomato flavor. I have farmer friends that say they only will start selling the fruit from this variety after they physically can no longer eat them.
valenciaValencia*Meaty, fruit is both tangy and sweet. Ripens earlier than most orange tomatoes.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Ananas Noir* SOLD OUTIf you can’t make up your mind about what color tomatoes to grow, this might be the one for you. Green, red, orange, yellow and purple all rolled into one tasty beefsteak-type tomato. A very tasty, sweet tomato with low acid.
Aunt Ruby's German Green* SOLD OUTA popular green heirloom tomato that is acidic with a meaty, old fashioned flavor. It is better tasting than most red tomatoes. How could we not give this one a try?
Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain)* The beefsteak that all beefsteak tomatoes should be judged by. Big, red fruits commonly over a pound but can reach two pounds are rich and intense.
Dagma's Perfection*Beautiful pastel bi-colored tomato gets up to 12 oz. Delicious and rich with hints of tropical fruit.
Dr. Wyche's Yellow*Big, beautiful yellow beefsteak with green shoulders. Productive plant of 1lb fruits or larger. Subacid with a lovely citrusy, sweet flavor.
Hillbilly* Big yellow orange beefsteak with red streaks. Husband describes it as “rich, meaty, tomato-y goodness.” The favorite tomato around here. Few seeds and very fleshy.

Disease Resistant Tomatoes

carmelloCarmello VFNT Hybrid*This red French variety is thought to be one of the most productive varieties available, this tomatoes pumps out juicy fruits that have exceptional balanced flavor. Subacid and mildly sweet they are what a good tomato should taste like. Shows disease resistance to Verticillium wilt, Fusarium Wilt 1, Gray Leaf Spot, Nematodes, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Good for pots.
Red Rose*A cross between Brandywine and Rutgers, this is a disease and crack resistant tomato with dark pink fruit. Has good flavor that is is acidic and sweet.
Rutgers*Last year a customer couldn't praise this variety enough and he convinced us to carry it this year. It's an old fashioned classic tomato with the flavor to match that is production and disease resistant.


In addition we are growing the following herbs:

  • Apple Mint
  • Broadleaf Sage*
  • Calendula
  • Catnip*
  • Chamomile*
  • Chives*
  • Cinnamon Basil
  • Clary Sage
  • Comfrey
  • Dark Purple Opal Basil
  • Genovese Basil
  • Giant of Italy Parsley
  • Greek Oregano*
  • Lemongrass
  • Lime Basil
  • Marshmallow
  • Mustead Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Pleurisy Root
  • Rosemary
  • Sweet Marjorum
  • Thai Basil
  • Thyme
  • White Horehound*
  • Wormwood


* Plants are available March 24th, 2018

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6 thoughts on “2018 Plant Sale!

  1. Bought my first tomatoes from you Saturday. Can’t wait to watch them grow. I want to thank you for your helpful hints in planting them. I’ll be back next Saturday to purchase the Isis Candy and what ever catches my fancy. You also recommended to go to Mid City Nursery to get the dirt but I don’t remember the type or brand. Thank you again, Debra Flork

  2. Hey there! The plants I purchased are doing great and I loved those eggs. I was wondering if you happen to have any potatoes, onions, and shallots by chance? Thank you!


  3. Just wondering if all plants on the site that are not marked as sold are still available this weekend? (4/28-4/29)
    This is our 2nd year and we’re looking forward to another great tomato year. Your plants do so much better than the store’s! Now our daughter is planting them too. Thanks!

    • Yes! Any plant that’s not already in the ground will be for sale. 🙂 Sale will be 4/29.

  4. Any chance of buying some Indian blood cling peach seeds when or if they become available? I have 5 Indian free seedlings growing and would like the blood peach to grow with them.

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