Erica over at Northwest Edible Life posted yesterday about her experience 7 years ago witnessing a slaughter at a small ranch. The post is graphic so view it at your own discretion. I found her post well timed for me at least. The night before she posted it I had watched the documentary “Frankensteer” about the Canadian beef industry which isn’t much different than our own here in the U.S. Actually they discuss the U.S. industry quite a bit because they are so similar.

Here’s the full film. The picture quality isn’t the best so you can find it on Netflix Instant Watch if you prefer.

There were things I knew about the beef industry such as E. coli O157:H7 contamination and how cattle weren’t meant to eat grains, but the problems endemic in the system go much deeper than I could have imagined. The film discusses these issues, of course, but they also go deeper into discussing government scientists getting fired for insubordination when they disagree with drug use in beef cattle, issues with mad cow (BSE), and rampant antibiotic use. Definitely a good film to watch if you eat beef.

The combination of Erica’s post and this movie really drives home how important it is to know where your meat (and food in general) comes from.

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