From Masonry to Baking (or, “How I Learned Not to Make Bricks”)

Bread: the Staff of Life. Bread is the foundation upon which we build our meals (or at least our sandwiches), but a loaf of bread really oughtn't resemble a building supply. Unfortunately, that's how most of the bread I've attempted to make has come … [Continue reading]

Saturday’s Farm Diary – Harvests, Weeds and Other Things

ArtichokeSome of you may have noticed a box on the sidebar that shows what our harvests, expenditures and savings are. I haven't updated it in awhile but I think I'm going to now update it every Wednesday and then also break it down more, esp. … [Continue reading]

Thursday in the City- Earth Day

Apple Earth, originally uploaded by JD Hancock.I really look at Earth Day as similar to New Year's. Everyone gets all excited and dressed up, makes all these goals only to be having money automatically pulled from your bank account every month for … [Continue reading]

Flickr of Inspiration – The Potager Garden

Potager, originally uploaded by Diana Sorella.The textures and foliage colors in this potager garden are incredible.The potager garden has it's roots in 16th Century France as what is now more commonly known as a Kitchen Garden. However it's design … [Continue reading]

flickr of inspiration- cheese making

making cheese - tomme - river valley cheeses, originally uploaded by donuts!.I was walking around the Farmer's Market and came across this store with antique garden supplies. I was drawn to these old french cheese molds. They were awesome. They … [Continue reading]

Earth Day- Hayes Valley Farm

Earth Day On The Urban FarmHey fans! If you're in town this Thursday, bring yourself and your 36 friends down to the farm. Celebrate Earth Day while learning new skills, building new soil, and making a few new friends. We're providing live music by … [Continue reading]

A Shout Out to Gardening Blogs

Instead of having our usual guest blog today, instead I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful gardening blogs I've come across recently thanks to Blotanical, a forum for garden bloggers to share their blogs with each other. Some of … [Continue reading]

Sunday Recipe – Lemon Souffle'm famous for my Lemon Meringue Pies, but I keep the recipe a closely guarded secret - my husband doesn't even know it. However, this Lemon Souffle recipe is a variant of the pie recipe, but without a … [Continue reading]

Saturday’s Farm Diary – Our Dogs and the Garden

Squeek (Brindle) and Riley (Black and White)Some of you may know that we have dogs. Two large dogs. Squeek (spelled wrong on purpose) is our 5 year old female greyhound/pitbull mix. Riley is our male German Shepherd/Border Collie mix of … [Continue reading]

Thursday in the City- Green Festival

So, I had two free passes to the Green Festival last weekend. I have been to so many of these over the years, but I figured lets go check it out and see if there is anything new. There were a variety of vendors, food, speakers, organizations and … [Continue reading]