Rhubarb Almond Coffee Cake

It's that time again.The time of year when the CSA starts sending more than just greens, greens, greens...and maybe some citrus. The time when I find myself running out into the garden every couple of hours to see if anything's grown while I was … [Continue reading]

Thursday in the City- Some Good News

Sun Oven Christening, originally uploaded by Earthworm.I don't really like to watch the news so much. It is always so negative. Why do we have to focus only on that? The good news (haha) is that we don't have to! There are plenty of other sources to … [Continue reading]

Wednesdays Harvest

Yugoslavian Red LettuceWow! Wednesday snuck up on me this week! I apologize for the late entry.So this weeks rundown is:Artichokes: 8.73lbs @ $4.99/lb   Savings: $43.56 (BTW last week I was off significantly in my savings, doh!)Lettuce: … [Continue reading]

Flickr of inspiration- Go Vertical

Vertical Garden at CaixaForum in Madrid, originally uploaded by pdbreen.The City of San Francisco is currently looking at available space for urban farming. Abandoned lots are being turned into community gardens like Hayes Valley Farm (was an old … [Continue reading]

Yogurt and Yogurt Cheese

Ever notice how sometimes you'll learn about something for the first time, and then suddenly it's EVERYWHERE? You might have never heard of it before, but now your grandma's bringing it up at the dinner table, there's a guest speaker about it on NPR, … [Continue reading]

Saturday’s Farm Diary – Where are my beans and corn?

Last Fall's Beans Photo by TinywaterMy beans and corn are missing. Well, most of my beans and corn are missing. The beans and some of our corn in our two new beds have almost all come up and are doing great. 2' over in our older beds only half a … [Continue reading]

Thursday in the City- Extraordinary Fast Food

Solar powered taco truck serving healthy and fresh vegan dishesThis Thursday, I want to highlight two places doing some out of the box (or should I say bag) thinking when it comes to eating fast food, bringing you better food and honoring our … [Continue reading]


Whole Foods has an interesting website called Let's Retake Our Plate. I haven't explored it entirely so I can't speak for all of it. However, they do have a listing of movies showing around the country that I have not heard of before. Check out the … [Continue reading]

Wednesday’s Harvest

4' Tall Artichoke PlantsThe artichokes are CRAZY! The lettuce is going strong too. The strawberries...not so much...yet. We aren't currently weighing the strawberries. When they come in we wash them off and freeze them. When our bag is full we will … [Continue reading]

Flickr of Inspiration – My Heritage

Moulton Barn | HDR, originally uploaded by ZachAncell. When I was a child there used to be a painting that hung on the wall in my room. It was an old barn with craggy mountains, trees and horses in the background. I knew that my grandmother had … [Continue reading]