Thursday in the City- Turn Branches into Furniture

DIY coffee table at How’s House

I love the idea of going out into the woods and gathering branches to make something.  When I lived in a wooded area, we would collect vines and make wreaths.  It was so fun.  We also made forts from larger branches. (I was much much younger then)  Now I live in the city, luckily near the beach, and collect drift wood.   But I still think back to how fun it was to have that direct connection to nature and my environment, to be able to use it sufficiently and bring it into my home to enjoy.   Below are some great articles and instructions to make your own furniture from fallen branches and twigs.  It would be a great activity during this wonderful fall weather!

Wild and Woody at Mother Earth News

Willow Twig Furniture at Instructables

Fallen Branches by Brent Comber

How to Make Twig Furniture at Mademan

Plant Display Stand Instructions at Esprit Cabane

Twig Baskets at Suite101

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