Thursday in the City- Wrap it up

Compai Gift Wrapping ideas

I am having buyer’s remorse.  I had planned all year to make all of my own wrapping paper and then in a compulsive, frantic and stressed rush, I bought cheap gift wrap rolls from Target.  I haven’t even been in a Target in two years.  We had a Christmas light emergency and ended up there. There was a recycled logo on the front of the packaging.  After getting home, I realized that the fine print said “it can be recycled” as opposed to “it was recycled”.  I guess that is some improvement considering most paper is un recyclable.  Wrapping paper is one of the biggest wastes at Christmas.  Now I have paper and feel bad.  But I can prevent someone else from doing the same thing!  Also, I have realized that many toy drives are looking for wrapping paper donations.  That may also be a good option.  

If you have great eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts or ideas to make your own wrapping, let us know by leaving a comment or posting a picture in our Flickr Pool.  

Here are some amazing DIY wrapping ideas that will surely impress without a lot of money and are more friendly to our environment!

Celery Stamp at Geninne’s Art Blog (I had the same idea over Thanksgiving stuffing!)

CompaiCreatives Photostream (see more like the packages at the top of the page)

Handmade Stamps at Design Sponge

Rolling Pin Prints at Craft Chi

Using things around at Wrap Art

Reuse catalogs at Curbly

Other alternatives

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