A Day in the Life

Another question that came up when I asked our readers to give us their burning questions was what our daily life looked like. They wanted to know just how much work we put into running everything.

Of course our days vary greatly depending on the season, what we have going on, and even the day of the week. But I’ll do a typical weekday and weekend day schedule so you can see what we do. With all the animals we definitely stay on a specific schedule, which helps keep the amount of time needed to a minimum.


  • Get up at 5am
  • Feed dogs and cats
  • Shower (Rachel)
  • Eat breakfast (usually oatmeal) and drink some coffee
  • Get dressed
  • Fix lunch
  • Milk goats and weigh milk
  • Let turkeys and chickens out
  • Leave for work around 6:15am
  • Get home from work around 5pm
  • Check mail
  • Milk goats and weigh milk (when kids are weaned)
  • Check everyone’s feed and water
  • Collect eggs
  • Do some yard work (in the Summer)
  • Fix and eat dinner
  • Feed cats and dogs
  • Shower (Tom)
  • Relax (in the Winter)
  • Go to bed at 9pm

Weekend Day:

  • Sleep in as late as the dogs will allow which is usually 6am
  • Feed cats and dogs
  • Drink coffee
  • Relax until the sun comes up (Winter)
  • Milk goats and weigh milk
  • Check everyone’s feed and water
  • Go to the farmers’ market
  • Usually we either have a consultation, event to attend, friends or family to visit, or project to work on to about 4 or 5pm.
  • Nap time (for Tom if we can finish everything by 3pm)
  • Milk goats and weigh milk
  • Fix and eat dinner
  • Feed cats and dogs
  • Relax until bed time

It doesn’t really take that much time. Milking usually takes 15 minutes tops. We’re usually the most busy on the weekends, but we really enjoy doing this so it’s more of a hobby than a chore. We wouldn’t do it if it was a chore.

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