Dog Island Dark Moon

Dog Island Dark Moon


Sire: Curbstone Valley Tigris *B
(Curbstone Valley Sheldon *B x GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower 6*M *D EEEE 91)

Dam: Dog Island Kahlua N Cream 1*M
(Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker x Foggy River Farm Baileys OnIce)

This little chocolate doe kept catching my eye. I only planned to retain two does this year – one from Tig and one from Chalupa. I already had a Chalupa daughter picked out to stay. I posted Moon for sale and pretty much everyone thought I was crazy. After sitting down and watching her it quickly became apparent that I needed to hang on to her. She has a level topline and smoothness of blending. A long, wide rump with lots of width between her hocks. She’s not hocky at all, which was a surprise coming from this dam line. The improved length of bone and angularity were a lovely surprise. I’m hoping that Tig has passed on the udder genetics behind him to bring that rear udder up and increase production.

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