Gloucestershire Old Spot Pig

Yep, you’ve guessed it. We’re in the market for some hogs. Well, actually weaner pigs that we can raise for pork. Of all the stuff we do here, pigs are the least likely to fly with our neighbors. So we’re not going to keep them here. We’re currently working on getting a place to keep our hogs. Tom’s coworker used to raise them for 4H when he was a kid, so he’s going to help us learn the ins and outs of keeping hogs. I believe he’s going to be keeping a few as well.

We currently have our sights focused on two different breeds. Both are on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists. The first is a Tamworth, which is listed as threatened. The second is a Gloucestershire Old Spot, which is listed as critical. Both breeds are good foragers and hail from Great Britain.

I’m excited! There is something about eating meat from animals you’ve raised. You know how they were raised. You know what they ate. You know they were happy and healthy. And of course these factors can really effect the taste of the meat.

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