Today is a BIG Day

So some of you probably know that today is our first day of The Project. How exciting? I’m still a little overwhelmed, but we will make do with what we have. It’s not like we’re going to starve to death or anything. It will just be a little uncomfortable sometimes. Even on hot days when the last thing we want to do is cook we’ll have to buck up and do it. The biggest key to being successful is planning ahead. We’re going to start planning our week ahead of time and developing recipes so we can make sure we have all we need. When you’re dealing with only being able to get food on one specific day a week (farmers’ market on Saturdays, CSA every other Wednesday, co-op order the first Wednesday of the month) you have to be on your game with planning.

Today we also got voted as Farmer of the Day on The timing is perfect! Our first day of the project and we get the award.

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