Upcoming October Events

There are lots of great events coming up this month!

Biofuel Oasis is offering a goat class on October 30th, taught by Kitty from Havenscourt Homestead.If you’ve been thinking about getting goats I strongly urge you to take this class.

The Institute of Urban Homesteading has a lot of classes this month. The available class topics  includes Hand Sewing basics, Cordials for Health and Pleasure, Rabbit Butchering and Hide Tanning, Shampoo and Lotion making, Dehydration Basics, and Cheesemaking. You can find more info including dates and class descriptions here.

18 reasons will be a hosting an art exhibition and a tomato based dinner from Bi-Rite Farm, and classes on coffee, jam making, and wine. They have other upcoming classes in September that you can check out through their website.

Also this month, Forage SF will be hosting Wild Foods Tours (plants) and Wild Seafood Tours.

On October 15th come hang out with us in Vacaville at Soul Food Farm’s annual “A Day of Artisan Beef Butchery.” It’s going to be a blast and helps support some great causes. Get your tickets now!

The next East Bay Urban Agriculture Alliance meeting will be on October 26th. Contact me for more details.

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