Waiting for Disaster

Last year it rained so hard for so long that we didn’t get any fruit from our trees and the powdery mildew, snails, slugs, and aphids were out of control. So were the spiders which cost us several hundred dollars in vet bills for Squeek and Daisy. Then the seedcorn maggots came back but this time they got into my greenhouse. Of course that was after a wind storm knocked over my mini greenhouse destroying all of my seedlings, putting me several weeks behind.Then the turkeys realized that they REALLY liked onions.

They year before that was a total disaster. It was my first year dealing with seedcorn maggots which completely decimated my corn and beans. I hadn’t even heard of them before that. My corn barely grew and neither did the beans because they were so far behind. That year the garden was a complete mess.

Things are going way too smoothly around here this year. Everything is on time and we haven’t had any disasters. I feel like something big is going to end up happening. Or maybe we’re just learning to become more resilient and can now avoid the problems before they come.

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