Want to Grow and Raise Your Own Food?

You’ve probably seen our little blurb at the top of the page about our consulting services. I figured I should probably explain that a bit more.

Just so you know a little bit about us, both my husband and I work in the construction industry. He works in electrical supply wholesale and I’m a landscape design consultant and project manager for a landscape architecture firm. I’ve done projects ranging in size from the single homeowner’s backyard to the new Sacramento Airport’s Terminal B Modernization Project which just opened a little over a month ago. We’ve been serious vegetable gardeners together for 7 years. I’ve been vegetable gardening since I was a child but nothing quite as serious as what we’re doing now. We’ve been intensively raising urban livestock for 4 years. We have experience raising chickens, goats, turkeys, ducks, rabbits and bees (along with our dogs and cats).

For the consultation we’ll come to your property and talk with you about what you want to do, problems you may be having, and we’ll discuss your best course of action. We’ll show you the best location for certain activities such as garden beds, fruit trees, livestock areas, etc. If you’re interested in raising any livestock let me know beforehand and I’ll look into your city’s laws to find out what you can do legally. We also have a ton of tips and advice about how to save money while doing all of this because we feel that no one should go broke doing it.

If you’re interested in learning about raising a specific animal such as goats, we can have you meet us here so you can see our setup and get some actual hands on experience with our girl Bella (who is sweet as sugar unlike evil Daisy). We can do the same with chickens, rabbits, and turkeys.

The consultation is on a sliding scale of $30-45. Basically you just pay us what you feel is fair and what you can afford.

So if you’re in the SF Bay Area and are interested in a consultation shoot us an email at dogislandfarm (at) gmail (dot) com. 

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