I must apologize. I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to log on and write.

The garden is doing great and we’re constantly harvesting from it. It has really cut down on our grocery bill. Along with harvesting comes preserving. I’ve been making pickles about every 3 days just to keep up with the cucumber plants. We’re also finding it hard to keep up with the green beans. We usually freeze them, but due to lack of freezer room as of late, I’m contemplating pickling some and just canning the others with my new pressure canner. I’m not new to pressure canning, BUT my previous pressure canner was the unfortunate victim of an accident and received a nice dent in the side. Never, ever use a pressure canner that is not in tip top shape.

Along with the garden, we’ve also been busy putting in a 1,000 sf paver patio. It’s finally completed and looking fantastic. Our next project is shrubs and irrigation. I have purchased some of the shrubs, it’s just a matter of planting them. I still need to get more and then we’ll need to hook up the drip irrigation.

And on top of all this, because I’m just not busy enough, I’m planning a wedding. My wedding specifically and it’s coming up fast in just 4 months. I have been a sewing and crafting fiend lately. Most of it is all DIY, including some of Tom’s outfit (jacket and vest), my mom’s dress, and of course my dress. Tom’s items are done. Phew! My mom’s is in the works and right after that, I’ll start mine.

Oh and did I mention I’m going back to school in the fall to get my masters degree? Yeah, I’m nuts. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

But never fear! I’ve got plenty of stuff on my mind that I need to blog about including a guide to planting by the moon phases, companion planting, good ol’ compost, making beer, building a chicken coop (don’t worry, I haven’t forgot, it’s actually 3rd on our to-do-before-the-wedding list and I’ll make sure to document the whole process), vegetable varieties, making pickles, pressure canning, and many, many more subjects. I’m excited, but it just takes time to sit down and gather my thoughts and then type them up.

So stay tuned. I’m not MIA, just a little busy now.

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