August’s Harvest Totals

August has really been a good ramp up. We’ve been extra busy harvesting and planting our fall crops. Our totals have more than doubled from July and they’ll just keep going up for the month of September.

The beginning of the month we were harvesting by the basket. By the end of the month we had switched over to harvesting in five gallon buckets. It was kind of fun watching Tom walk through the garden with two 5 gallon buckets filled to the brim with tomatoes or tomatillos.

I’m looking forward to the next few years with our fruit trees really start producing. Yesterday our next door neighbor let us pick pears and apples from his small trees and we were able to get 10 gallons of each. Our trees are already larger so I’m hoping next year will be better. 

Fruit Trees
Asian Pears – 3.13 lbs

Shrubs, Vines & Groundcovers
Grapes – 2.13 lbs
Rose hips – .5 lbs
Strawberries – .63 lbs

Green Beans – 22.83 lbs
Beets – .5 lbs
Carrots – 2.94 lbs
Corn – 10.67 lbs
Cucumbers, pickling – 26.26 lbs
Cucumbers, slicing – 32.45 lbs
Eggplant – .75 lbs
Kale – .25 lbs
Lettuce – .06 lbs
Onions – 14.77 lbs
Parsnips – 3.5 lbs
Peppers – 11.97 lbs
Potatoes – 5.81 lbs
Squash, summer – 11.14 lbs
Tomatillos – 16.68 lbs
Tomatoes – 115.94 lbs
Watermelon – 1.81 lbs

Animal Products

Rabbit – 42.64 lb
Milk – 5.03 gallons
Eggs – 241

Total Produce – 284.97 lbs

We finally got ahead of the game! By a lot. The animals are still a money suck but I think by year’s end we’ll have caught up. We would be ahead on them if it wasn’t for Mindy’s vet bills and then this past month we had more vet bills when Daisy got bit by a spider. So our animal expenditures last month was $583.83. Our garden expenditures were $45.00 and our water expenditures were $70 for July and August. We have now spent $4,399.17 but we’ve raised and grown $6,548.55 worth of food for a savings of $2,149.38.

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