Being Prepared

Deanna, over at The Crunchy Chicken, directed my attention to this article.  It’s actually pretty funny she posted about it today because just last night we watched The Road, which was ruined by the whinny kid, in my humble opinion.

I’ve written about being prepared on our other blog, and I won’t repeat what I said over there, but rather add to it. Think of this as “A Word about Being Prepared Part 2.” 

All three are about being prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse/judgment day/Armageddon/insert end of the world scenario here. By the way, according to a billboard that I see every day on my way home from work, the end of the world will be this coming May 21st.

Same billboard different location

I don’t think that any one day will be the end without some highly coordinated human involvement. But I do think that our current path is unsustainable and the consequences will be brutal. We’re already seeing this change in weather. Even here in the San Francisco Bay Area we see a lot more weird weather. The winters are wetter and colder. The summers are wetter too. We live in a Mediterranean climate, which means cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. In the last few years we’ve been getting rain during the summer. Not normal. This past summer was by far the strangest. It was very cool all the way through mid September. July through September are generally our hottest months. But we didn’t see any heat until the very end. And what a heat wave it was. The temperatures were all over the place. 73 deg F on a Saturday and the following Monday it would be 103 deg F. Actually, the weather is still like that even now. The temperatures are all over the board from week to week. Records are being broken right and left, here and across the country.

So what happens when the weather becomes unstable? Crops become unreliable. The weather has a direct effect on our food supply. When the food supply is under extreme stress so will people. Hunger makes people desperate. 

On Take Back Urban Home-steading(s) page, a discussion came up about this on Deanna’s posted link. It seemed like a lot of the posts were by people that have heard other people say that they don’t feel they need to be prepared because they can use force to get what they want from those that actually know what they’re doing. It’s a fool’s game. It’s a horrible long term plan. They wrongly assume that farmers and even those in the cities that produce food aren’t armed and willing to kill someone to keep their family safe. They also assume that there will be an endless supply of people to do their bidding. Once you’ve killed all the food producers, what then? It also speaks of the sheer laziness of our society. They don’t want to take the time to learn something that could save their lives because they can just take it by force from those that do know what they’re doing. It makes me wonder if those same people even have mirrors in their homes. I know I wouldn’t be able to look at myself if that was my attitude.

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