Have you ever watched a movie and had an overwhelming desire to throw something at the screen? I recently had that experience. It wasn’t the first time but I think it was the strongest. The urge to throw a heavy object wasn’t due to the movie being bad, it was because the subject matter made me so angry and feel so completely helpless.

This past Sunday we got a chance to see a screening of Farmegeddon in San Francisco. I know I’ve posted the trailer here a couple of times, but at the time I hadn’t seen it yet. Now I’ve seen it and can say, without a doubt, that everyone must see this movie.

The USDA (or US-Duh as Joel Salatin calls it) has it out for small farmers. They spend inordinate amounts of money (upwards of over $1M per farm) to take down a small farm. Small farms that have never made anyone sick and are simply giving their customers what they want.

Here’s the trailer once again:

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