I’m Not a Master Gardener

The Master Gardener program is a fantastic resource for people that really want to become SUPER knowledgeable about growing plants. The program is run through the UC Cooperative Extension system and they provide many classes to the public about gardening. I once got to take a great class on composting and after the class they provided you with a compost bin at little to no cost (I think I got a $70+ bin for $10).

I have a friend, Birgitt, who is a Master Gardener and she never leads me astray when I have gardening questions. I’m always amazed at how much knowledge she has about growing.

I actually don’t have any plans to become one. For a brief time I had toyed with the idea but I really don’t have the time to do it. Not only do you have to attend a 16 week course but then you have to volunteer pretty regularly to keep your certification. I didn’t have enough time last year to have a decent garden. Why in the world would I take something else on? I’m having a hard enough time saying no to all the events that I want to do.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into becoming a Master Gardener!

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