Long Weekend Ahead

Oh how I love the three day weekend. With the days getting longer all I can think about is hanging out in the yard and playing with the critters. But this weekend, this three day weekend I’ve got some big and not-so-big plans. And I have a lot of them.

  • Fava beans need to get harvested and the plants turned in to the soil.
  • We’ve got some major weeding to do. MAJOR weeding. I’m not even going to post a photo of the garden right now because it’s that embarrassing.
  • Apples and pears need to get thinned and then we need to “sock” the apples.
  • Finish hotwiring the fence. Squirrels, you better kiss that fruit goodbye ’cause you’re not getting to it ever again!
  • Pickle 30lbs of artichokes.
  • Make 3 lbs of cheese.
  • Start working on the greenhouse and figure out the framing materials we will need.
  • Set up a new milking area (this will be the 4th or maybe the 5th iteration) and start milking Sedona.
  • Trim hooves on the goats.
  • Figure out what to do about the wild blackberry in our yard. Pull it out or try to contain it?
  • And then of course the usual stuff, laundry, cleaning, animal care, farmers’ market, etc.

Will I get everything done? Probably not. I’m certain it will all flow over into next week as well. The must-do items are the cheese, artichokes, milking and apple trees. Those items just can’t wait. Of course there are many more projects we have in the plans going on including building a cob oven and outdoor kitchen, a large patio trellis, a shed, a hay storage area, and of course painting the house inside and out.

What are your plans for the long weekend?

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