Product Review *Edited*

I originally wrote this focusing on kitchen gadgets, but I’m quickly realizing that I may have most of the gadgets people want reviews on so I’m expanding it to include *anything* from their 200+ stores.


Should it be Corelle? Nah, I’ve already got some of those (love them btw!). Hmmm, are there any kitchen tools that I should try? Oh, how I love kitchen goodies! Anything to make my life easier while preserving. Or what about a garden tool? Hmmm, I always have terrible luck with sprinkler nozzles. Oh! Something animal related! There are over 200 stores to choose from so the possiblities are limitless. CSN Stores has asked me to do a product review. Does anyone have any item that you want to know more about before going ahead with a purchase? Let me know and maybe it will be what I review!

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