Scram! Keeping Cats Out of the Garden.

This is Jack. Enter Joke Here.

Jack is my favorite cat. We have two other cats, Kali Ma and Bonnie. Bonnie is clearly Tom’s cat. Scratch that. Bonnie is Paul’s cat. She snuggles with him at night and takes some of the most contorted positions just so she can sit on his lap. Kali Ma is my cat because she doesn’t like anyone that doesn’t tell her she’s pretty on a regular basis.

Tell me I'm Pretty!

I’m the sucker that tells her she’s pretty. And in return she comes over with her razor claws to make biscuits on my lap and right when the drop of drool is about to fall she shakes her head and sprays me with it.

Bonnie, aka Naughty Bon Bons

As much as I love my cats the one thing I cannot stand is cat shit in the garden. This is one of the reasons my kitties are indoor-only kitties. I’ve given up my orchid obsession in exchange for keeping them out of my veggies. Bonnie in particular is the worst one. We tried having an indoor plant until Bonnie decided to poop in it. Repeatedly. Until it died.

Of course keeping my cats in the house doesn’t help with neighborhood cats shitting in my veggies. Enter our secret weapon.

Don't mess with me or I'll cut you!

OK, you probably can’t take her serious looking like that. But here she is on the hunt.

Don't bother me I think I found it!

Unless they are her animals she wants to kill anything that comes into our yard. She spends all day with our cats but strange cats she doesn’t hesitate to chase out of the yard. Cats aren’t that dumb and usually never come back after only one good chase.

Not everyone has a secret weapon though. Fortunately there’s a really easy way to keep cats out of your beds. It can be a bit time consuming at first and until plants grow in it’s not the most attractive look, but it does work with good success.

The cats stay out of these beds

Sticks. Lots of sticks about 6-8″ long stuck in the ground upright about 6″ apart. Cats are too lazy to scratch around them. If you get cheap or free mulch from a tree service it will usually have a lot of these sticks. Unfortunately sticks don’t work for squirrels (because they truly are the spawn of Satan) but for cats if you use sticks you won’t have to worry about finding kitty rocha in your patch of carrots.

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