Something Exciting! Thrive!

Alright, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag. I haven’t mentioned anything to anyone except for my mom (Hi Mom!), and a few close friends that were involved. Back in late March we spent two days in the rain with a camera crew at our place. Whole Foods just launched their own documentary channel called Thrive®. In the above trailer you can actually see Esperanza of Pluck and Feather and Heidi from Itty Bitty Farm in the City laying on her solar panels. You can see even more footage if you go to the Thrive® site and click on the “Latest Episode 9.3” tab. At the end of that episode is a trailer for the series called “Grow: The Story of an Urban Farmer.” You’ll see us briefly along with Esperanza, Heidi, and Cassie from Garden Girl Farm.

They just posted Episode 1 of Neysa and Travis in Austin, Texas who started Round Table Farm. You can follow them at Dissertation to Dirt (I’m particularly fond of her Food Product of the Week posts, which she has, unfortunately, taken a hiatus from). I’ll keep you updated when our episode airs.

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