The Colony

This past weekend we did a radio interview for the Preparation Station on Blog Talk Radio. While I think it’s important to be prepared it really isn’t our primary focus. I will admit though that it got me thinking about what would happen if we were faced with a major catastrophe? Would we be prepared to survive? I’d like to think we are, but no one ever knows unless they have to go through it.

At the same time we came across an interesting TV series this past week.We don’t have regular TV so we pretty much only use Netflix instant watch for our entertainment needs. We just started watching the  “The Colony” and I find it interesting.

If you haven’t seen this TV series it’s about a group of 10 people put into a post-apocalyptic world and they have to find a way to survive with what’s available  for 10 weeks. It’s not a game, no one is getting voted off, they just have to see if they can survive. While trying to find food, water and shelter, they also face marauders who are trying to steal what they have.

What I find really interesting is how the group prioritizes it’s needs and wants. We’re only about half way in but so far they only have a few days worth of food but instead of making food a priority they are making energy generation numero uno using the excuse that they don’t want to go back the “dark ages.” They’ve only gone out for food once, extending their supplies an extra three days. They are spending weeks building generators to power car batteries and building a shower. They traded what little food they had for a generator which ended up not working. Marauders broke in and stole food rather than tools, thus depleting their food even more.

If I was faced with a similar situation my first inclination would be to find a place where I could start growing food and then stockpile as much food as I could find. I can survive without electricity. I couldn’t survive, however, without food.

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