Thursday in the City- Earth Day

Apple Earth, originally uploaded by JD Hancock.

I really look at Earth Day as similar to New Year’s. Everyone gets all excited and dressed up, makes all these goals only to be having money automatically pulled from your bank account every month for an unused gym membership. This is obviously a generalization and I am not trying to get down on Earth Day by any means. It is definitely getting more attention every year and I am so happy to see it. I want more of it! I am just expressing that it would be great if the majority got on board everyday instead of just one day. I just watched the movie Dirt! last night on PBS. (It is also a book.) It made me think how I wasn’t trying as hard as I should be…or could be. I am still a consumer and using tons of resources. I do try to shop more consciously and do a number of other green things. Probably just like you and a ton of other people. But I could try harder in my every day life. Maybe not use so much without giving back. For example, I asked if we could compost at my apartment building when we moved in. There weren’t even the city “green waste” bins. There still aren’t. So, in jest of my first Earth Day Resolution, I am going to talk to my landlady again about allowing for the green waste bins so I can at least dispose of my compost. Being a pain in the butt is better than being a detriment to my environment. I only hope I keep it.

If you don’t know what to change for Earth Day and every other day, here is a good place to start.

Check out the movie trailer below and try to find a showing or a place to rent the movie Dirt! It was really worth watching IMHO. There are also good resources on the site.

Happy Earth Day! Please celebrate responsibly!

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