Upcoming Events

There are some great classes coming up this month!

The Institute of Urban Homesteading has some great classes coming up this month. The available class topics includes Hand Tools for Homesteaders, Raising Rabbits, Lacto-Fermentation, Tempeh, Home Butchering, Cheesemaking, Nut Milks and Cheeses, and Canning Fruits and Tomatoes. You can find more info including dates and class descriptions here.

On Saturday, August 13th, 18 reasons will be having a Barn Dance at the Sonoma Ecology Center. They have other upcoming classes in August that you can check out through their website.

Also on August 13th, Forage SF will be hosting a Wild Food Walk and a San Francisco Wild Seafood tour.

Urban Kitchen SF will be having a class on Pickles and Kimchi on August 25th.

The Ecology Center in Berkeley is offering classes on Seed Saving, Natural Dyes, Chickens and many others that you can check out on their EcoCalendar

If you’re in Santa Clara County, Bay Friendly is offering a Gardening class on August 20th.

September 13th though the 15th the National Heirloom Exposition is coming to Santa Rosa.

You can also find some great events, including a Victory Garden Installation Launch in Oakland through Bay Localize.

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