Wednesday’s Harvest

This has been a productive week. But there was a major let down. The squirrels and birds got all of our cherries. Booooo! I think Tom and I each had one but quickly realized they weren’t quite ripe. We gave them some more time and they were almost there. And then they were gone. I’m not quite sure what my neighbor does to keep them away from her cherries because I don’t see any netting or scare tape. I’ll have to ask her what her secret is.
Otherwise we had a good harvest of peas. Actually, it was a stellar harvest of peas. And we’ve started using onions as we need them. Soon garlic will also be on the menu. On a brighter note, all the problems I was having with the bean seeds has been solved. I replanted and almost all of them have germinated and are popping their little heads out of the ground.

Swiss Chard = .8 lb @ $2.99/lb = $2.39 Savings
Peas = 13.42 lb @ $5.00/lb = $67.10 Savings
Lettuce = 1 lb @ $1.99/lb = $1.99 Savings
Eggs =4.58 dz @ $7.50/dz = $34.35 Savings

So for the season so far we’ve harvested:
Swiss Chard: 1.9 lbs
Artichokes: 34.7 lbs
Lettuce: 11 lbs
Eggs: 768 or 64 dozen
Strawberries: 2.2 lbs
Peas: 21.3 lbs

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