Wednesday’s Harvest

4′ Tall Artichoke Plants

The artichokes are CRAZY! The lettuce is going strong too. The strawberries…not so much…yet. We aren’t currently weighing the strawberries. When they come in we wash them off and freeze them. When our bag is full we will then weigh them. So what’s this weeks harvest breakdown? It’s heavy on the artichoke side. Keep in mind that I last updated the list on Saturday so it’s not a full week’s worth of produce. I base all of our prices off of locally grown, organic produce in our area. Most prices come from Diablo Foods.

Artichokes: 8.57 lbs @ $4.99/lb
     Savings: $13.56
Lettuce: 3.18 lbs @ $1.99/lb
     Savings: $6.33
Eggs: 2.58 dozen @ $6.50/dozen
     Savings: $16.79

Total Savings this week: $36.68

Not all that impressive in my opinion, but the garden is just starting up so we haven’t really gotten into the swing of things yet. But it does add up.

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