Weekend Chores – Finally Planting Out

We’ve got quite a few things to do this weekend. We’ll see how far we’ll get.

  1. A lot of our Curcubits are up in their pots and need to be transplanted out.
  2. Pamina was kind enough to give us some hot pepper seedlings. We’ll be planting them out this weekend as well. 
  3. Irrigation! The lines are here so we can finally switch everything out. 
  4. Side dress the heavy feeders with rabbit manure. Rabbit manure is brown gold. No need to compost it before putting on the beds. 
  5. Live trap a cat. We’ve got a cat that is stalking our rabbits, chickens and ducks. We borrowed a live trap from a friend and when we catch it we’ll be taking it down to the Humane Society. It’s quite the ballsy cat. In the two years we’ve been here it’s only the second cat I’ve seen in our yard. The last cat got trapped in the asparagus cage, cornered by Squeek. It never came back after that experience. 
  6. Start working on the new duck coop. 

Of course we’re  completely booked up on Saturday doing social things so we’re going to have to bust our butts on Sunday to get it all done.

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