What I Listen To

My life seems to revolve around farming even when I’m at my day job. Have I mentioned that I’m a landscape design consultant and project manager for a landscape architecture firm? It’s really not as glamorous as it may sound. OK, I admit it doesn’t even sound that glamorous. I spend 99% of my time in front of a computer. So for most of the day I listen to a variety of podcasts. I figured I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Farming is Fabulous is #1 on my list. It helps that Lynda is a a friend of mine (and who we got Sedona from). Her and her friend Sam, a pastured pork farmer, make this a hilarious look into sustainable farming. Their tagline is “Farming, which is sometimes disgusting, but mostly fabulous.” Each week they have a farming related theme but they first discuss what’s going on at the farm. Nothing is off limits from farming fashion to exploiting kids on the farm.  They are now on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Harvest Eating is more about food than farming, but you can’t have food without farming. Chef Keith Snow shares some great advice about cooking and food in general. I learned that you have to have a stove that has high BTUs to be even remotely successful at getting a good sear on meat. He definitely is a champion of fresh, wholesome food and shares some pretty disturbing things about today’s industrial food system (did you know that a magnet can extract the iron shavings out of commercial cereal)?

The Food Chain is a new podcast to me that was recently recommended to me and I really enjoy it. It is about local food and local farms. The host, Michael Olson touches on the whole gambit of farms from urban to rural. He interviews the big names in agriculture like Joel Salatin. He talks about heavy subjects such as the appointment of Monsanto Executive, Michael Taylor to be the FDA food safety czar. It’s definitely one to check out.

There are other podcasts that I really enjoy that aren’t farm or food related that I highly recommend such as This American Life and The Moth.

So what do you like to listen to?

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