Wow! I’m Out of Content

Gratuitous Cuteness – Pregnant Goats

I’m actually out of things to write about. Not because I don’t have things to share, but because now there’s always going to be fear that I’ll be sent a letter that tells me that if I don’t change my blog I’ll be sued. What’s to say that what I write, even if it was based off of my own personal experiences, won’t be accused of being someone else’s intellectual property because they “thought of it first.”

OK, I’m being overdramatic. But this isn’t far from the truth with what the Dervaes family has rained down upon a whole community they once said they lead. By saying that these terms are their sole property aren’t they also claiming that they own all of the ideas behind it? And what exactly are those ideas? Will getting ducks or raising fish in my backyard now be claimed as their idea first? Will having raised beds be trademark infringement? I mean, where does it stop?

Well if you try to ask them (good luck with that since they are cowards and closed down all their comments on media channels) they will claim they are the victims and never did anything wrong. WRONG. They are saying they are innocent. They say they never meant to keep people from using the terms. Oh wait, yes, yes they did. In fact they were very explicit about that in their letter. No, that’s not right. You could use the terms they trademarked but you had to write it a certain way and then mention that it’s their idea.

Then they pull an even bigger victim card. Death threats and hoaxes! Oh the humanity! But at this point, after all their self righteous posturing about plagiarism (I’m sorry but they did NOT invent the terms they trademarked or the ideas behind them – are they now going to claim solar power was their idea first too?) and truth and trademarks it’s hard to take anything they say seriously anymore. Actually, it was pretty difficult to take them seriously anyways considering they never really gave any info behind all of your claims – I mean really how does one know you harvested 3 tons of food when you don’t break the poundage down or even state what you’re growing specifically? Phew, it’s nice to get that out. I was always trying to be considerate of them and never really say how I felt about all their grandstanding, but they screwed a lot of really good people over and so the gloves had to come off.  And this is from someone who doesn’t get riled up easily and here they have me writing not just one, but two posts about them. Not even Monsanto has done that!

But I do have to thank them for pulling together a community. And on a selfish note, this whole brouhaha gave me a bunch new awesome followers here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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