With this weekend over with I can now get a bit more space to breathe. However, I am sad it’s passed.

Saturday was a whirlwind.

5:30am – goat milking time – came much too quickly. We were out of the house by 8am to go help the Vallejo People’s Garden set up for their Grand Opening Event. At 9:30am – taught some awesome people about how to plan out a vegetable garden. We wanted to stay for hours and talk to people but didn’t have the time. Finally escaped at 11:15am and ran to the farmers’ market to pick up food for the week. If we didn’t get anything there we’d be out of luck for the rest of the week. We got home, I jumped in the shower, got cleaned up and off we went to a memorial service.

That was hard. Really hard. Sometimes the passing of a loved one doesn’t hit you until you go to the memorial service. My heart is with Stefanie’s family and friends (though her friends really were her family).

We got home just in time to finish getting ready for the potluck. Because urban farmers/homesteaders are awesome, everyone started showing up pretty much right on time. I was AMAZED by their awesomeness! Most of them we hadn’t even met before, and here they were joining us at this potluck, sharing food and celebration. We had people come all the way from Sacramento and Santa Rosa come. I really wish I could have spent more time getting to know everyone better.

I want to send out a big hearty THANK YOU to everyone that joined us and made it such a great event! We’ll be hosting another one in October to celebrate the harvest.

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