flickr of inspiration- Vegetable Beds

Ogródek ziołowy, originally uploaded by

We perused vegetable box ideas that were good enough to get us up and looking at the empty spot in the back yard, rooftop, windowsill, fence… What will your vegetable boxes look like?

This Tuesday, we selected the above very romantic garden photograph to highlight. Fantasy almost, isn’t it? Well, it was taken at the Chelsea Garden Show!

To see see all the images we selected to inspire you, check out the rest of our photo montage gallery on Flickr. This gallery is to evoke or inspire you to put your imagination to work in the garden or whatever little space you have. It is all beautiful!

We want to see your photos, too. If you have photos to share, join our Group on Flickr and post your images.

Here is a public planter area outside of the Other Avenues Coop that I discovered over the weekend. So, I guess fantasy can become reality.
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