Thursday in the City- Meal Planning II (Organizing)

Printable Planner Pages, originally uploaded by wildolive.

Feed ME weekly meal planner, originally uploaded by LobotoME.

Lists.  The necessary evil of meal planning.   I don’t know what it is, but I have gotten into a funk and can’t quite get myself planning my weekly meals.  It has been boring and wasteful with out them.  I end up eating rice pasta because I don’t have anything to cook or I make multiple trips to the little organic market down the street.  So, I MUST get out of my funk to bring some helpful tips to all of you!

I went online a few months ago and found some really helpful charts for meal planning. These two are my favorites.   I also included some other charts from Flickr.  (If you click on those photos, there is usually a link to where to get more info.)

Do you have great meal planning organizational ideas?  Take a pic and add something to our Dog Island Farm Reader Pool here on Flickr.

Weekly Meal Planner Template
Click here to download pdf.
Source:  Tim Foreman at DIY Planner

Recipe Jotter 
Click here to download pdf.
Source:  Will H. Parker at DIY Planner

Meal Plan with Shopping List Area

Meal Plan pg. 1, originally uploaded by mealplanwithconnie.

Meal Plan pg. 2, originally uploaded by mealplanwithconnie.

Meal Planner with Shopping List

Google Calender

originally uploaded by aMichiganMom.

Meal Planner and Grocery List

originally uploaded by ThreeBySea.

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