Thursday in the City- My Garden Imagined

Herb Garden @ Yio Chu Kang, originally uploaded by rockabella9.

Living in apartments my entire adult life, I have spent a lot of time looking down into backyards or courtyards imagining what my garden would look like if I had the opportunity to redesign the space. Right now, I live in an old eccentric french inspired Victorian. The backyard is fairly big compared to other yards I have had. It is fenced in on two sides and surrounded by other buildings. There is a tiny brick patio and miss matched bushes and empty pots just scattered around. I would like to incorporate some of the whimsy and Victorian character of the building but also want to reuse materials. Chinese objects were very popular during the Victorian era. I prefer other styles but I really enjoy the idea of using Chinese herb markers like in the photo above. When I look down at my current space, these are some of the other elements I imagine.

Patio Entrance, originally uploaded by Laurie York.

Railing head, originally uploaded by Simon Caplan.

my summer love, originally uploaded by damiec.

cheeky front benchers, originally uploaded by v.uu (viv).

Fern Number 01, originally uploaded by T. Scott Carlisle.

Patio, originally uploaded by RCoshow.

Cast Iron Bench, originally uploaded by tsarandoi.
Recycled door and window greenhouse at the General Store by Stephanie
If you would like to add some older elements to your house, there are some really fun salvage places to go explore:
Building ReSources in San Francisco
Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley
Urban Ore in Berkeley
Antique Faire in Alameda Point

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