Dog Island Firestorm

Dog Island Firestorm 3*M **SOLD**


Sire: Castle Rock Roxstar
(Caprine Acres Cooper x GCH CRF Castle Rock Roxanne 1*M *D VEEE 91)

Dam: Dog Island Mudslide
(Castle Rock Graupel *B x Dog Island Kahlua N Cream 1*M)

I wasn’t planning on keeping a kid from Millie. Actually, I was considering selling Millie when she was still pregnant. And then she freshened and immediately changed my mind on both counts. Millie freshened with a lovely, well attached udder and very large teats with open orifices. Her daughter is a small doe and yet she’s mighty and her name is quite fitting.

Firestorm stands naturally uphill and is nice and stretchy. She has very flat bone, lots of space between her ribs and angularity. She inherited her dam’s brisket extension and her sire’s length of bone.

She freshened with a well attached udder that is significantly higher than what I’ve seen in her dam line. I would like to see better teat placement but they are plumb and very easy to milk with open orifices. I find it reminiscent of her sire’s dam, Roxanne, which I’m pleased with since she’s got 21 Best Udder awards. Being a yearling FF and knowing the genetics behind her, I expect that she won’t truly hit her production stride until at least her 3rd freshening.

Kidding Record

AgeKidding DateSireDoesBucks
0.9March 24, 2018Curbstone Valley Tigris *B01
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