Dog Island Jager Bomb

DOB: 06/03/2020

Sire: Redstone Feel Like a Stranger
SS: Redstone Pony Boy
SD: SG Redstone SF Dark Star 4*M AR VEEE 92

Dam: Dog Island Cherry Bomb
DS: Curbstone Valley Tigris *B
DD: Dog Island Firestorm 3*M

You know the rule – don’t keep bucks out of first fresheners. Well, I’m going to break that rule.

Dog Island Cherry Bomb exceeded my expectations when she freshened and is what I’ve been striving to achieve with that dam line. She’s producing the same amount as her 3F dam and had the highest rear udder in my herd. She also put everything she eats into the pail. Because she left (too loud to stay), I decided to hang on to her son who is a lot quieter so far.

His sire is Redstone Feel Like a Stranger, a son of ​​SG Redstone SF Dark Star 4*M AR VEEE 92. His littermate sister, SG Redstone Pony Bellatrix has proven to be quite a milky doe. My hopes are that he’ll bring even more milk to my SG Castle Rock Lady Rainicorn 5*M dam line.

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