Dog Island Mudslide

received_10154374842438826Dog Island Mudslide
20.5″ at 2 years old


Sire: Castle Rock Graupel *B *S
(Castle Rock Cleveland Sage *S x SGCH CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M 3*D VEEE91)

Dam: Dog Island Kahlua N Cream 1*M
(CRF Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker x Foggy River Farm Baileys OnIce)

I said that I would keep breeding Kahlua to Graupel until I got a doeling from the pair. I didn’t have to wait long because with Kahlua’s first freshening she gave me buck/doe twins. We now have genetics from the two highest appraising does in the Castle Rock herd – SGCH-ARMCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 1*M 3*D VEEE 91 and SGCH CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M 3*D VEEE 91.

20170507_185515[1]I didn’t think it was possible, but Millie is even more feminine than Kahlua was as a kid. She’s naturally uphill, very long (earning an E in back) and level with good angularity and stretchiness and earned a V in General Appearance for her first freshening. She’s a bit more standoffish than her dam but she still likes to get into your lap for a snuggle. I’m super excited about her after seeing what her dam’s first freshening udder looks like and the genetics behind her sire. Her paternal half sister, Castle Rock Fedora, freshened with a very high, capacious udder and I hope that Graupel passed that on to Millie as well. Like her dam, her first freshening was a bit lack luster but being from the same slow maturing line I expect her next freshening to be a lot nicer. 

She’s an “odd bird” and not particularly friendly, but not unfriendly either. I was going back and forth on whether I was going to sell Millie or not and then she freshened with a lovely udder and I was easily convinced that she gets to stay. She’s got very large teats with nice, open orifices making her easy to hand milk. 

Unfortunately Millie ended up having subclinical mastitis during her linear appraisal making her udder uneven. I didn’t find it until a few days after the appraisal. I’m hoping her 2nd freshening receives a better score for mammary. 



YearAgeHeight (inches)General AppearanceDairy StrengthBody CapacityMammaryFinal Score
AgeKidding DateSireDoesBucks
1.903/29/2017Castle Rock Roxstar20170416_153905
Dog Island Firestorm

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