For Sale

Currently for Sale:

17862863_1468550083176058_1112979705289541053_nTule Fog. She will be sold as a home milker only. Price: $275








983906_1468550143176052_3866142429435205610_nGold moonspotted doeling. This little girl is super friendly and a great snuggler.  Price: $275










Mostly gold and moonspotted wether. A little more shy but still friendly and will come up for snuggles (or food). Price: $125










Chocolate buckskin with roaning. The friendliest and smartest of the bunch. He is a cryptorchid which will require a surgical castration (last checked UC Davis will do the castration for $225). With proof of castration of that kid I will refund you $125. Otherwise he can remain a cryptorchid and be a companion for your buck. He will most likely not be fertile as a buck and shouldn’t be used for breeding. Price: $125







For a non-refundable $50 deposit per kid we will feed them until weaning at 8 weeks of age. At that time you will have 2 weeks to arrange pick up or your deposit is forfeited. 

Buy 2 wethers for $200. Buy a doe and wether for $350. Buy both does for $500.

Please see our Sales Policy if you are interested in these boys. You can contact us below.

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