Dog Island Blanche Devereaux

DOB: 04/01/2023

Sire: Quaking Canopy Heilan Coo
SS: Old Washoe TT Mario Gotze
SD: Quaking Canopy Holstein VEEE 90

Dam: Castle Rock Calandrina
DS: Lil Miss B Haven Hokey Pokey *B
DD: Castle Rock Alexanndrina EEEV 91

In 2022 I bred Heilan and Callie together and those two produced 3 gorgeous, really consistent kids – 2 bucks and a doe. I wasn’t planning on retaining kids last year and the one doe was reserved already, so they all went to new homes. This year I decided that I needed to repeat the breeding so I could retain a daughter. Fortunately they gave me 3 daughters to choose from (plus a buck kid).

Blanche was a bit shy at first but now she’s very much the friendliest of the group. She’s also the quietest, which is a bonus. She’s super wide throughout, great body capacity and I can easily stick a finger between her well-sprung ribs. I expect her to be at least, if not more, productive than her already-very-productive dam.

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