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Because goats are herd animals and require companionship from other goats, Dog Island Farm will only sell goats in pairs unless you already have goats. We will not sell goats for meat.

We care a lot about our animals so we want to make sure they have healthy, happy homes. For those that are new to goats or want a refresher we offer a goat care consultation with the purchase of any of our goats.  If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them for you.

Our goats are healthy when they leave our farm, however, after they have left our property we can not guarantee their health as we no longer have control of what happens to them. All goats will be sold disbudded, no exceptions. Dams are vaccinated for CD/T and pasteurella 4 weeks prior to kidding and all kids over one month of age will also be vaccinated for CD/T and pasteurella. Kids are all raised on coccidiosis prevention. Our goats tested negative for CAE, CL & Johne’s as of December 10, 2023 through the California Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) Laboratory at UC Davis. If interested in seeing test results please email us.

Prices are firm. We put a lot of time and money into our goats and we try to set our pricing fairly based on conformation, performance & pedigree. We cannot guarantee quality in the milk room or show ring when they leave our farm due to many factors that are out of our control, however we will do our best to help you get the most out of your goat. If we feel a goat is not of breeding quality we will adjust the pricing accordingly and sell to a pet-only home.

Dam's RecordKid Price
No records (Base Price)$500
Restricted Leg+$50
Unrestricted Leg +$50
Finished Champion+$100
E Mammary on LA+$100
90+ on LA+$100
*M on Butterfat/Protein+$50
*M on volume+$50
800 lb in 305 day lactation+$50
1,000 lbs in 305 day lactation+$100
1,200 lbs in 305 day lactation+$200
Top Ten in any category+$100
Earned Elite designation at least once+$100
Superior Genetics+$100
Bred to *B Buck+$50
Bred to CH, +B and/or 90+ on LA Buck+$50

We no longer take reservations or have a waitlist. All kids are first come first serve. If you are interested in a kid that’s for sale we require a $100 nonrefundable deposit to hold the kid until you can pick up or arrange transport. We do not airship kids as we work full time and do not have time to get to an airport. We are willing to do ground transport with approved transporters only (Tarr Valley, Five Star, Blarney Heights). Buyer is responsible for the cost of transport and the health certificate. Everything must be paid for before the goat can leave our property.

Kids are bottle fed and need to be picked up within 14 days of full payment. For an additional non-refundable $75 fee per kid we will feed them until weaning at 8 weeks of age. At that time you will have 2 weeks to arrange pick up. After a payment is received for a weaned kid or adult goat you will have 14 days to pick up the goat unless other arrangements have been made with us.  If you do not pick up the goat within 14 days of payment your payment will be forfeited and the goat will go up for sale again. If prior arrangements have been made for a later pickup a boarding fee of $2.00 per day for kids under 6 months of age and $3.00 per day for goats over 6 months of age will be added to the sale price after the initial 14 days. If goats are not picked up by an agreed upon date your payment and boarding fees will be forfeited and the goats will go back up for sale. Payments are not refundable unless something happens to the goat before scheduled pickup or we decide to keep the goat.

Adult goats and kids that were not reserved and go up for sale can be held with a $100 deposit until an agreed upon pickup or transport date. If the buyer does not follow through on the pickup or transport date, the deposit will be forfeited and the animals will go back up for sale. They must be paid in full before they leave our property.

Preference goes to performance homes. T

We reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time for any reason.

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats will be registered with the American Dairy Goat Association unless they are deemed pet-quality. Wethers and pet quality does will receive a Certificate of Identification through ADGA. Buyer is responsible for transfer fees.

Dog Island Farm  is a member of ADGA and abides by the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (ADGA Guidebook, Bylaws, Article XIX).

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  1. i am looking to purchase 2 of your little ones! I live in Penryn on 5 acres with chickens, sheep, dogs, and a cat. We are looking to add a couple more to our herd!


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