Reference Bucks

Clark (1)

Photo courtesy of Caitlin at Harley Hillside Farm

Clark Rear

Photo courtesy of Caitlin at Harley Hillside Farm

Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker

DOB: 03/13/12
Blue Eyes

Sire: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon +B *S
(Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce +*S x MCH-SGCH Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon 2*D)

Dam: CH-MCH-PGCH Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven VEEE 90
(Promisedland CP Yellowjacket x Pecan Hollow Bonnie Blue)

ADGA Pedigree

I’ve admired not only Raven, but Clark’s maternal half brother, Guy Noir who has sired many champion daughters. Clark’s sire, Harvest Moon is also producing very nice finished champions. Harvey’s dam, Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon earned a Top Ten award in the one-day milk test.

Clark is sire to Dog Island Kahlua N Cream 1*M. Seeing several of his daughters freshen at Harley Hillside Farm he does sire consistently nice does.  

Photo courtesy of Sarah at Castle Rock Farm

Castle Rock Graupel *B *S

DOB: 03/03/12

Sire: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +B *S (Elite Sire 2015 & 2016)
( Castle Rock Tanzanite +*B *S x SGCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 3*D VEEE 91)

Dam: SGCH CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M 3*D VEEE91
(Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++B ++*S x Castle Rock SnowFlurryCeanothus 2*D AR 1988)

We now have genetics from the two amazing does in the Castle Rock herd – SGCH-ARMCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 1*M 3*D VEEE 91 and SGCH CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M 3*D VEEE 91.

Graupel is quite dairy with a very well put together front end with strong pasterns.

One of Graupel’s other daughters, Castle Rock Fedora, freshened with a very high, capacious udder and I hope that Graupel passed that on.

We kept his daughter Dog Island Mudslide out of Dog Island Kahlua N Cream 1*M. She freshened with a nice udder with well place, very large teats that are easy to milk. She did freshen with mastitis so we’re hoping next year she evens out some. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah at Castle Rock Farm

SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage + *B *S 2015 & 2016 Elite Sire

DOB: 02/05/11

Sire: Castle Rock Tanzanite +*B *S
( CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir +B +S +*B *S x SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M 4*D VVEE 90)

Dam: SGCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 3*D VEEE 91
(Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++B ++*S x Castle Rock SnowFlurryCeanothus 2*D AR 1988)


Several years ago I wanted to use Cleveland on all of my does but he was unfortunately out on lease. When he was once again available I was so excited to use him. His daughters tend to be very dairy with very correct udders and extremely nice teat size and placement. Cleveland placed second at the 2015 National Show Senior Get of Sire. Seven of his daughters (with more well on their way) are finished champions, and five of those have earned their Superior Genetics designation.

When we got only bucklings from the breeding we kept Dog Island Irish Car Bomb *B intact because he was so nice. I hope he passes on some of the great things his sire offers on to his own daughters. 

roxstarCastle Rock Roxstar 

Co-owned with Harley Hillside Nigerians


Sire: Caprine Acres HS Cooper
(Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott x CH Kaapio Acres AD Carina EEEE 92)

Dam: GCH CRF Castle Rock Roxanne 1*M *D VEEE 91
(CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir +B +S x SG Castle Rock Annabelle)

Roxstar is our first ever buck. He will be co-owned with Harley Hillside Nigerians and staying there most of the year, but I’m so excited! Sire is Caprine Acres HS Cooper whose dam is CH Kaapio Acres AD Carina EEEE 92! His dam is the incredible GCH CRF Castle Rock Roxanne 1*M *D VEEE 91 who has one of the most incredible mammary systems out there – having won 14 Best Udder and 21 Best of Breed awards.

I’m loving the way this boy is developing. He’s angular with nice length of bone which he is passing on to his offspring.

We kept one daughter of his out of Dog Island Mudslide. We have big hopes for Firestorm. 

We love this boy but with only having a few does and needing to bring in new blood we moved him along to a new farm. He can now be found at Curbstone Valley

Castle Rock Mad About the Moon

DOB: 05/23/13

Sire: Castle Rock Black Oak *S
(Castle Rock Pound Foolish *S x GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92)

Dam: SGCH Castle Rock Moon Beam EEEE 92
(SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +B *S x CH CRF Castle Rock Moon River 3*D)

ADGA Pedigree

When Sarah said she had Castle Rock Mad About the Moon back on her farm I knew I wanted to use him. The two closest does on both sides are EEEE 92 and Moon Beam has a lovely udder with large teats that have nearly ideal placement – something I could definitely use in my breeding program. I had several kids born here that were sired by Black Oak, however they were all bucklings out of does that I wasn’t ready to keep bucks from. I really liked what I saw from those kids. We Castle Rock Lady Rainicorn 5*M to him and kept Dog Island Skylla. Skylla is one of the nicest kids we’ve had born here. I can’t wait to see how she freshens. 

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