Dirty Fingernails & Mucky Boots Blogger Award

In keeping with the spirit of the Stylish Blogger Award (which seems to be spreading like wild Amaranth), Carolyn Renee from Krazo Acres started her own blogosphere award:

This very un-prestigious award is given to those bloggers who share a vision:
The vision that growing your own food is a rewarding experience. 
That making an effort to buy locally grown or manufactured products is a worthy cause. 
That stocking you pantry does not make you a “freaky survivalist”, but a well prepared person.
The vision that getting one’s hands dirty and boots full of wet earth and animal excrement, be it literally or figuratively, is good for you and the planet.
The Rules of accepting the Dirty Fingernails & Mucky Boots Blogger Award (DF&MBBA) is as follows:
You have to Copy & Paste this so others may properly pass on the DF&MBBA.
You in turn give this award to three other bloggers who fit the description for the DF&MBBA.  Or more if you want.  I really don’t care; just don’t make people feel obligated to give it out just for the sake of giving it out.
You say “Thank you”.
No divulging X number of freaky personal tidbits (unless you really want to).  No having to pass it on to six-hundred and forty-two other bloggers.  And you won’t run into a string of bad luck if you don’t forward this to fifteen people within the next fifteen minutes.
So to get things officially underway, I’d like to nominate my blogger DF&MBBA recipients:
(Just click on any of the above to go to their blogs)
So congratulations on your “Major Award” (think Leg Lamp here).  Now go out & make some other blogger slightly annoyed! 
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