Done! Almost.

Everything in the vegetable garden has been planted out except for the sweet potatoes. Well, the sweet potatoes and some more peppers and herbs that I’m waiting to germinate. Oh, and the small Pink Pearl apple tree we still need to plant. But everything else is in, even the celery starts which are quite small. I wasn’t completely sure about putting them in the ground now, but I didn’t want to wait until they were rootbound.

I also completely forgot about our sunflowers. They’ll be a bit late getting started, but I think I’ve got a good place for them once we pull out our mustard.

I’m also thinking we may need to put more onions in. I had purchased some onion seed in the UK on our honeymoon, but their seed packets really didn’t have all that many seeds in them. With the expected failure rate of some of the transplants, we’re looking mighty thin in the onion department right now. We probably eat at least one onion a day, so we’ll need to plant more. Now I just have to figure out if I want more red onions or yellow onions. Reds are sweeter, but yellows store longer. I would say that we probably use yellows more so I’ll try that.

Hopefully next weekend we can focus on irrigation. That is of course if we get our order this coming week.

There’s always something to do…

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