Flickr of Inspiration – My Heritage

Moulton Barn | HDR, originally uploaded by ZachAncell.
When I was a child there used to be a painting that hung on the wall in my room. It was an old barn with craggy mountains, trees and horses in the background. I knew that my grandmother had painted it, as she still is a very talented artist.

But I never knew the history of the barn. Until one day, for my birthday I got a large album from her. It was my genealogy. My family on my father’s side is Mormon, so they have wonderful records. The barn in the painting was owned by her uncle, John Moulton. My grandmother played in that barn as a child.  My father played in that barn too. As it turns out, that barn is one of the most photographed barns in the U.S.

My grandmother grew up in the ultimate self sufficient household. They farmed in the summer and hunted and trapped in the winter. They had no running water, no electricity, and yet they thrived in this harsh environment.

My grandmother is my role model.

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