Grow a Pear Nursery

Thank you all for a wonderful 9 years!

We have some significant life changes going on and will be needing to take an extended break from the nursery. We hope to be back in the future so please check back regularly.

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8 thoughts on “Grow a Pear Nursery

  1. Bought my first tomatoes from you Saturday. Can’t wait to watch them grow. I want to thank you for your helpful hints in planting them. I’ll be back next Saturday to purchase the Isis Candy and what ever catches my fancy. You also recommended to go to Mid City Nursery to get the dirt but I don’t remember the type or brand. Thank you again, Debra Flork

  2. Hey there! The plants I purchased are doing great and I loved those eggs. I was wondering if you happen to have any potatoes, onions, and shallots by chance? Thank you!


  3. Just wondering if all plants on the site that are not marked as sold are still available this weekend? (4/28-4/29)
    This is our 2nd year and we’re looking forward to another great tomato year. Your plants do so much better than the store’s! Now our daughter is planting them too. Thanks!

  4. Any chance of buying some Indian blood cling peach seeds when or if they become available? I have 5 Indian free seedlings growing and would like the blood peach to grow with them.

  5. Hope this works out! I’d definitely make the trip up there for winter veggie sprouts and seeds for next year in Sept/Oct if so. Maybe a couple of fruit trees too.

    • You should check out our new nursery Grow a Pear at

      We’ll have fall veggies available in a few weeks.

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