It Stopped Raining!

Monday we were blessed with clear skies and record heat. I woke up that morning blessed with being sick with something that seemed to be a cross of the flu and a cold. So it wasn’t until this morning that I feel somewhat OK. I still am lacking in the energy department and whatever I had has moved into my chest, but at least my fever is gone. It just puts us further behind schedule. I have tons of plants that need to go in the ground now. And yet we’ve got lots of plants that just aren’t ready to be harvested.

Oh, and did I mention the rain is coming back on Saturday? And even if it doesn’t, Daisy is due that day so I foresee myself being busy with her even if it’s raining. So I have tonight after work and tomorrow afternoon to desperately try to catch up. I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to happen. Maybe I’ll get some peppers and tomatoes repotted. Maybe I’ll try planting some carrots…again. Maybe I’ll replant the seeds that the seedcorn maggots destroyed. Either way, the next two days are going to be a rush.

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