“Living Simply” does not mean “Easy Living”

Most people have been so far removed from basic living and so deeply embedded in consumerism that what we get asked all the time why we do it. What we share with them is surprising. In my humble opinion, thinking that you can just go out and buy something just because you have the money and not being interested in learning how to do it yourself is dangerous thinking. What happens if the money runs out?

It’s one thing to talk about going back to basics. Tom and I try to live it every day. So after explaining that we try to make as much as we can of things we need – from growing crops and preserving what’s extra to raising chickens to sewing clothes to making pottery – we seemed to get only one question. “How do you have time for that?” And then it hit me. I spend almost all of my spare time either tending the garden or making something.

I get asked all the time “Why do you do all that?” My answer is because I want to. I like doing it. And I’m cheap. I’m of the mindset of why would I pay extra for that if I can make it myself for a lot less? My spare time is much better utilized making bread or yogurt or pickles than sitting on the couch watching T.V. That is WHY I do it. I must also admit that it is so much more rewarding to eat food that you had a hand in creating. Not to mention it tastes SO MUCH better.

But let me make this clear. Living simply is NOT easy. We work very hard. All the work we put into getting our garden started is starting to pay off. We still spend hours in it weeding, fertilizing, harvesting and planting new crops. But right now it is providing us with almost all of our produce. Our fruit trees are too young still to produce much, but we definitely have enough vegetables.
This fall we plan on putting in 3 more 75’x4′ beds. While I don’t look forward to all the digging that entails, I am very excited about what those beds will produce.

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