Maybe We Aren’t That Far Behind

Part of our garden a year ago

This season has been….interesting. Late frosts, knocked over mini greehouses, and a proliferation of snails made for what I thought was a very late start. Then I looked back on my post that I made last year at this time. It was a harvest post and it appears that we aren’t all that behind after all. Well, sort of. We weren’t behind with our fall and spring crops, which are pictured here. It’s our summer crops that I’m worried about. By mid June of last year we wer harvesting zucchini, onions, potatoes and garlic already. Well, maybe we can harvest some garlic and potatoes but the others seem a bit questionable. Well, the onions will be a flat out no. They will not be ready under any circumstances. The zucchini is pretty far behind with only getting it’s second set of true leaves.

Last year on June 30th we were harvesting onions, cucumbers, zucchini, garlic, parsnips, carrots, peppers and strawberries. I’m hoping we’re harvesting something similar this year.

So why the obsession with why we’re so behind? Well, if you aren’t following our Year Without Groceries blog, we are going to stop buying food altogether as of July 1st for three action-packed months. That’s right! We’re not buying any food. Sure, we can barter for food but we can’t use money to buy anything. I’m starting to freak out.

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