Overwhelmed Much?

There is always something to do

 This week I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. I’ll freely admit it. We’ve definitely got a lot on our plate right now, especially compared to just a year ago. Last April at this time we had the garden, 2 goats, and 11 chickens. I was working part-time and didn’t really have anything extra-curricular going on.

Now I’m back to full-time at work and we’ve got more chickens, we’re milking those 2 goats at 5:30am every morning, we’ve got kids (the four legged kind), rabbits, bees, ducks. Turkeys are coming tomorrow. We had a sick doeling to care for and now that she’s gone (sadface) I have to milk her mom out on one side (because Mork is stuck in his ways and refuses to help out) in the afternoon too. We’re helping establish the East Bay Urban Agriculture Alliance. We’re working with our city to create urban farming friendly laws. We’re meeting about the Temple Arts Loft project in downtown Vallejo. We’re teaching free classes, mentoring people, giving tours, being interviewed. And we have the potluck this Saturday, along with teaching two classes in the morning at the Vallejo People’s Garden Grand Opening and having a memorial service to go to that day. And did I mention we have to create all of our meals from scratch because we’re not shopping at the grocery store? All on top of getting the garden in and fixing/redoing the irrigation system.

I think this week has just taken a huge toll on me. It’s not easy and we’re constantly busy. Now that it’s light out longer we find ourselves working in the yard until 8pm before we even start making dinner. The main issue regarding animals is that we’re in a huge transition period where not everyone is settled in. The chicks are getting big but we still have to go out every night and get them into the coop. Otherwise they sleep with the goats, and that just doesn’t work. We have to lock up the ducklings in their brooder every night because they don’t have a coop built yet. I had to replant all of our squash, melon and cucumber seedlings because of slugs into pots to be transplanted in a couple of weeks.

So after May I’m going to not teach classes for awhile. We won’t have so much work to do in the garden, so that will help and all of our animals should be settled in nicely. At least that’s the plan….

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