Reader Questions – New Feature!

I’m going to start doing reader questions as a formal topic now. Type your question in the Formspring box on the right. Just remember that it has limited characters so you’ll have to keep it somewhat short. So hit me with those questions!

Our first question in our new series:

Do you guys work outside the home at all? I am a new reader so don’t know your background, sorry. Thanks, dixiebelle

Hi Dixiebelle! It’s funny you should ask this because we’ve been getting this question a lot. A LOT. Almost once a week right now. Yes, my husband and I both have full time jobs. Tom works in electrical wholesale – basically sells equipment and parts to electricians. I work in landscape architecture as a project manager. Fortunately we both work in the same corporate park and have the same schedules so we carpool.

Our typical day runs like this:

Get up at 5am (weekends too)

Get ready for work

Go milk the goats

Go to work

Leave work and get home about 4:30pm

Feed, water, and tend the outside critters. Play with the friendly critters.

Do a bit of yardwork – generally not much to do during the week since we do most of what is needed on the weekends.

Harvest something for dinner.

Prepare dinner.

By about 7:30pm we’re relaxing. That is if we don’t have a meeting or event to go to.

Go to bed around 9pm to start it all over again.

And this is how it goes pretty much every day except the weekends. The mornings start out the same but then we have the farmers’ market to get food at and take my stepson to his martial arts class. When we get back it’s usually the big farm chores like planting and building.

Thanks for asking!

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