Last weekend I forgot to go to the farmers’ market. Two years of nearly nonstop shopping there every single Saturday morning and I totally forget to go. 2pm on Saturday rolled around before I even realized my mistake. When we normally couldn’t make it to the Saturday farmers’ market we would hit up the Sunday farmers’ market in a nearby town. But we weren’t planning on crossing the bridge (and paying the insane bridge toll) so instead I decided to go to the large produce market in our county.

It’s a large produce stand. And boy is it busy. Insane busy. It’s no wonder because the cost of the produce is really cheap. REALLY cheap. But as I learned, that cheap still comes with a price.

Unlike your typical produce stand this one does not exactly sell local food. I’m sure some of it is local but most certainly most of it is not. Additionally nothing there is organic. Now normally, when it comes to the farmers’ market where you can talk to the farmer, the food might not be certified organic but it may have been grown organically. Here at this produce stand? No way of knowing.

But more than anything the quality of this produce was severely lacking. The stone fruit from the farmers’ market is nothing short of succulent. Flavorful, so incredibly flavorful and juicy. The stone fruit from the produce stand? Bland. Surprisingly bland even though it was ripe. A sign that it was picked way too early probably so it could be shipped.

It makes me wonder how the quality of produce at the supermarket is like considering we never shop there anymore for produce. I don’t think I will any time in the future. I’ve been spoiled.

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